The first contest day from the RTM World Cup Skateboarding in Rotterdam is over and it was insane. Non other than Ivan Monteiro did it once again with making the most bangers in the finales, and took home 3.500,00 euro in prize money. Woody Hoogendijk was off course there to ask the guy’s the necessary questions. RIDERS 1. Ivan Monteiro 2. Vincent Milou 3. Benjamin Garcia Douwe Macare Maksim Kruglov Sewa Kroetkov Bart Buikman Egor Kaldikov Rob Maatman Jip Koorevaar Alex Decunha FILM/EDIT Tim Koster HOST Woody Hoogendijk Song: Jive Ride - S Strong

Out of Focus RTM World Cup Skateboarding Finals Ivan Monteiro, Sewa Kroetkov, Vincent Milou

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