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“FROGS 1996” Willy Santos’s BIRDHOUSE CLASSIC originally released in 1996.  Now recreated & brought to you by JEREMY KLEIN & WILLYS WORKSHOP.

Hard enamel pin 7/8 by 2 inch, Black nickel, Locking pin backs.

The Frog Graphic

  • Design Origins: The Frog Graphic deck is one of the most iconic designs associated with Willy Santos. The graphic is often attributed to the playful and whimsical nature that Santos brought to skateboarding.
  • Cultural Significance: The deck became popular not only because of Santos’ reputation but also due to its unique and eye-catching design. It represented a departure from more traditional skate graphics of the time, which often leaned towards edgier and more aggressive themes.
  • Legacy and Collectibility: Over time, the Frog Graphic deck has become a collector’s item. Its distinct design, coupled with Santos’ legacy in the skateboarding community, has made it a sought-after piece among skateboarding enthusiasts and collectors.

Impact on Skateboarding Culture

  • Representation of the Era: The Frog Graphic deck is representative of the skateboarding culture in the 90s, a period known for its creativity, experimentation, and a sense of fun and rebellion.
  • Willy Santos’ Contribution: Santos’ contribution to skateboarding goes beyond his technical skills. He helped shape the culture and aesthetics of skateboarding during a pivotal time in the sport’s history.

In summary, the Willy Santos Frog Graphic skateboard deck is not just a piece of sporting equipment but a symbol of a transformative era in skateboarding. It encapsulates the spirit of innovation and playfulness that Willy Santos brought to the skateboarding world.

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